Shipping, Cancellations and FAQs


FLIGHT RISK™ products currently only ship in the USA using USPS.

If your order is running late, please check the USPS Tracking Number emailed with your order. If you need additional assistance, email:

If a FLIGHT RISK™ product arrives damaged, please contact


You may cancel your order within 15 minutes that the order is placed.
You may return unopened FLIGHT RISK™ products (must still have the shrink wrap) purchased within three months. You must pay for the return shipping costs. 

A refund will be issued when the product is received at the warehouse and credited to your credit or debit card. 


FLIGHT RISK™ products are currently only available for purchase on

We do not print individual scenario cards or traveler decks. 

FLIGHT RISK™ is currently only available in English.

Owner & creator

Bree Nidds

Bree is the Owner and Creator of FLIGHT RISK GAME LLC; a game publishing company established in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, producing travel-themed game products. In October 2022, Nidds created the concept for a travel-themed social game to play with friends and family, incorporating themes from the travel industry that she has worked in for over nine years. 

FLIGHT RISK™ fulfills her quest to identify her most compatible travelers for the next adventure. 


Alexis Grant

Alexis is inspired by play, food and travel. Her design work spans all different industries, but her most unique work has been in the playing card industry. Since 2020, she’s designed over twenty playing card decks and their custom packaging. Designing FLIGHT RISK™ alongside Bree Nidds has been one of her favorite projects to date.